About Maastricht University

Maastricht University, located in the south of the Netherlands, is internationally renowned for its innovative educational methods, dynamic research portfolio, and diverse, international population. The University occupies landmark buildings spread throughout the city centre, and its medical and psychological faculties and teaching hospital are state-of-the-art facilities in the Maastricht neighbourhood of Randwyck.


International classroom

Maastricht University is the most international and fully bilingual (English and Dutch) university in the Netherlands, with most programmes taught entirely in English. It has over 18,000 students and 2,100 academic staff. Around 50% of students and 40% of academic staff come from abroad, together representing about 120 different countries. When studying in Maastricht, you encounter different languages and cultures every day, inside and outside the classroom. The unique European and internationally oriented programmes and courses offered by the university consistently rank among the best in the Netherlands.


Problem-Based Learning

True to the Dutch tradition of inclusion and compromise, students at Maastricht University widely use Problem-Based Learning (PBL). More than just an educational method, PBL is student-centred and student-led, with lecturers and professors providing guidance during the learning process. In small tutorial groups, students analyse real-world problems similar to those they will encounter in their careers. Under the guidance of a professor, students set learning goals together, conduct independent research on each topic and then come together to share their findings and collaborate on solutions. Students find this learning method motivating and rewarding. PBL has one of the highest knowledge retention rates of any educational method and continues to be used at some of the leading universities in the world, including Harvard, McMaster University and the University of London.